Majestic Global USA expands by teaming up with S.M Osgood
Majestic Global USA expands by teaming up with S.M Osgood

Majestic Global USA has continued to roll out it global growth strategy by teaming up with S.M Osgood for the Central area of the USA covering both Marine and RV OEM disvisions.

Majestic Global USA is proud to announce that they have expanded their sales team throughout the central mid section of USA with the appointment SM Osgood Company as part of the team.

With this new appointment means Majestic will now have access to the manufacturing belt of the Marine and RV OEM business, which will be supported by a rep group that has been going for over 50 years.

S.M Osgood was founded in 1960 by Bud Osgood.  Bud covered Minnesota and the surrounding states representing companies focused on the marine market.  Back in those days many of the companies that Bud represented were start-up companies that grew through the years.  Some of these companies are still represent today.  Bud sold the company to three partners.  As those partners retired, they sold their shares to create an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) that allowed each employee to earn shares in the company.   The company that Bud started over 50 years ago has grown through the years to meet the demands of the accounts and the manufacturers they represent.  The employees are the best assets of the company.  The company logo outlines the states we cover for the marine market and they also work with RV OEM accounts throughout the United States. 

“We are honored to be able to join forces with a company such as S.M Osgood as the team hosts the honesty and integrity that Majestic has been working with since our inception in 2000, and to have such a talented pool of sales people so dedicated within the Marine and RV OEM business is going to allow Majestic really expand into these markets,” say CEO Tony Munro.

Post on : May 7, 2019
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